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Toolkit Resources & Reports

Below is a full list of all documentation found in the Pilot Community Engagement Toolkit. That includes Reports and Best Practices documents from the broader pilot community, resources highlighted to help with basic income education and engagement and activities and events designed by Income Movement to support deeper community engagement across all groups to achieve specific goals. Don't hesitate to reach out if there is a resource from the community you think we should add to this Toolkit.

Community Engagement Resources

Strategy Documents

These documents outline the broader strategies, processes, and best practices for how to do meaningful engagement work across all community types. These documents are a great starting point when you are thinking about beginning your work in community engagement, and great references while organizing and implementing events and activities

Events Documents

The focal points for community engagement are events. Bringing people together around shared goals or tasks and accomplishing those in fun, interesting and educations ways builds strong connections and communities. Below are the broader types of events are most commonly organized. Most can be done in-person or virtually, to accommodate a variety of scenarios

Activities Documents

Once you have brought people together at an event, how do you design an agenda and set of activities that help you accomplish the desired goals? Fun, interesting, educational activities that integrate information, opportunities for participant experience and knowledge sharing, and ways to build or demonstrate the work or outcomes by the group are important ways to design successful events.

Pilot Community Resources

Curated Resource Documents

These documents compile a variety of important findings and insights from thought leaders and pilot organizations that can be used as a guide while doing the complex work of organizing and running a pilot. Documents have been organized by topics that arose from a literature review.

Summer Engagement Workshop Series

As a pilot organization, you are already doing community engagement. This session focuses on defining the work and building strategic plans and goals for community engagement, including exploring frameworks and processes that can increase impact across campaigns, initiatives and events. Watch this introductory session to learn about broader work pilots can do to encourage their community to support guaranteed basic income.

Building partner coalitions to support the administration and implementation of a pilot is critical to its success. This 90-minute working session digs into the best practices for identifying key partners and associated goals, and the process and tools that can help design the best tactics to accomplish those goals. Watch the workshop and participate in the activities with the resources below.

Creating an engaged, thriving community of basic income advocates in pilot cities is critical to a program's success at long term movement building. This 90-minute working session leads participants through goal prioritization and the design and implementation of successful community events across all phases of the pilot lifecycle. See materials used during this session below, for your reference and use.

Basic Income Resources

This 60-minute documentary introduces the increasingly popular grassroots policy, Universal Basic Income (UBI), as a vehicle to transform the American economy into one that is thriving, sustainable, and centered around the well-being of all people. The film examines UBI through diverse stories of perseverance from heartland Americans and firsthand accounts from participants in a groundbreaking basic income pilot program launched in Jackson, MS for Black mothers living in poverty.

As the mayor of Stockton, CA, Michael Tubbs' experience growing up amid poverty and violence inspired him to create innovative change in his beleaguered hometown, including launching the first guaranteed basic income pilots led by a mayor. This film follows the millennial mayor as he fights to reverse the fortunes of a city known as one of the poorest, most violent, and least literate in the nation.

This 10-minute introductory video to basic income by Kurzgesagt is an effective, straightforward exploration into the philosophy, impact, and value of implementing a universal basic income for their citizens. If you know nothing about basic income, this is a great place to start.

Income Movement has created a great set of educational handouts and videos that highlight the history, leaders in the movement and trailblazing guaranteed income demonstrations, along with addressing terminology and common arguments again basic income.

What is the difference between universal basic income and guaranteed income? What are the different approaches to direct cash programs being promoted and explored across the United States? This hight level overview gives you a solid foundation of terminology to help you understand the broader conservation about how we design programs and policy.

This 30 second UBI PSA was produced by The Gerald Huff Fund For Humanity. It helps viewers to see the value and impact of basic income in the aftermath of the pandemic. It makes bold statements that help drive home the stark reality of our societies inequalities and the need for change with the solution of a universal basic income.